The Return Of Hockey!

Hello All!

Ottawa Senators

Hockey is back!

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having this fall. I also hope you have been enjoying the return of hockey to Ottawa!

The hockey season has started and the Senators are now a couple of weeks into the season. We had a rough go the first couple of weeks, losing four games on the road. That being said, Sen’s fans have a lot to be excited about this year. The Sen’s are entering the 2013 with so much talent on the team this year. Erik Karlsson is back and at full health this year. Jason Spezza is also full health and was made captain of the team this year now that Alfie has gone to Detroit.

When Alfredsson left the team we were fortunate enough to pick up Bobby Ryan. He was drafted second overall in 2005 right behind Sidney Crosby. He previously played for the Anaheim Ducks and is a great addition to our team. Our team is young and fast this year and the games we have won have certainly exemplified that. Speaking of Alfredsson, our boys had the chance to play Detroit this past week. The boys had a great game! We beat them 6-1 in a complete blowout. Our new captain played very impressively scoring two of the six goals! Bobby Ryan also scored two goals in that game and looked like the Senators best effort since the beginning of this season.

This looks to be a great season for the Ottawa Senators and I can’t wait to watch the next game. Until next time!

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