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Home Staging is Key When Selling

Trying to sell your home? Don’t underestimate the power of decluttering and home staging! Get your more personal items out of the way and set the stage for a selling frenzy! The easier it is for the buyer to see themselves in your home (and not see you there) the easier it is for them

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Will You Move All or Some of Your Things?

When you start packing up the boxes to begin your big move keep in mind some of the other options available for re-homing your things! Not everything needs to move with you and even if you know you want some things later, that doesn’t mean they have to come and clutter up the new home

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Moving Tips

Getting ready for the big move? A little planning and preparation can go a long way in a smooth transition from home to home! Here are some of our favourite tips on packing and moving to help your transition go even smoother! Have some tips of your own? Add them to the comments! Click on

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