Dymon Enters the Spartan Race!

Hello all!

Recently our head office sponsored a group of Dymon employees to compete in Ottawa’s most recent Spartan Race!  The event took place on June 29th and the staff that participated trained for months. One of Carling managers, Mike Duey, participated in the event and wrote an e-mail to head office about the event. We thought the e-mail was fantastic and that we should share on our blog. Enjoy!

“Spartan Race was a great success for all of us, it was the best of times…it was the worst of times.

There we stood, at the base of Edelweiss ski hill facing a 1+ mile climb in 30 degree weather. Once you grind through the pain and mud to reach the top of the mountain you realize that this is not about to get any easier, obstacles await at each flat section of the course.

The obstacles were all very challenging, 8 foot walls to scale, barbed wire to crawl under, a 30 foot vertical rope climb, a 40 pound stone sphere to carry through the mud. All in all there were 15 obstacles throughout the course, not to mention the penalty for failure on any obstacle : 30 Burpees.

As we descended the hill for the final time, trying to keep our feet from propelling our bodies too quickly for the slope we began to see the finish line. Before crossing the finish line we must all make a leap to safety by crossing fire and hot coals.


Up and down the Edelweiss Ski hill twice, 15 obstacles within the 7km distance, covered in mud, sweat and in some cases blood. Hard to describe it, but I highly recommend trying it.

I would like to thank Jonathon Dicker (our senior manager) for ensuring we had staffing coverage to make attending this event possible.

Also a big thank you to Dymon Executives for sponsoring our entry fees to this event, much appreciated! Dymon’s willingness to fund our team sport endeavours has been a great team builder, morale booster…and we’re all getting in great physical shape! Thanks very much.

The Spartan Motto now rings true “You’ll know at the finish line”


Huge thanks to Mike Duey for sharing his story with us, and to all the Dymon staff that participated. It sounds like everyone had a fantastic time competing in the race, and that’s what counts! Until next time! 

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