Month: July 2012

Go Team Canada!

The 2012 London Olympics opened on Friday, July 27th with quite the spectacle with everything from the Queen jumping out of a helicopter to puppets of villains in children’s books to Sir Paul McCartney! Canada has a large team of athletes participating in nearly every event in the Olympics from rowing to diving to hammer throwing!

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Lord Lansdowne

Lord Lansdowne  is the second of two retirement living facilities owned by Dymon Healthcare Corporation. Last month, we spotlighted our Duke of Devonshire facility.  It is time to focus on Lord Lansdowne. This facility is the newest generation in retirement living. It was built in 2007 in the heart of the Glebe neighborhood. Lord Lansdowne is steps

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RV & Boat Storage

We are in the middle of boating and RV season, but sooner, rather than later, it will be time to put the boats and RVs back into storage for another year. To save on very costly warehousing of boats or RVs, most people choose to park their boats or RV’s in their drive-ways. However, this

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