Will You Move All or Some of Your Things?

When you start packing up the boxes to begin your big move keep in mind some of the other options available for re-homing your things! Not everything needs to move with you and even if you know you want some things later, that doesn’t mean they have to come and clutter up the new home right now! You have enough other things to worry about without managing extra stuff you don’t need around!

Sorting Your Moving Piles

Set up separate bags, boxes or areas to help sort your items out before the big move, consider these options:

Donate things that you no longer need but that would still have value or usefulness to someone else. This might include clothes, shoes, small household items and appliances, canned food that you bought but didn’t eat or like, childrens items and so on! There are a lot of causes and charities available that will be happy to find new homes for your items or to sell and turn into money to help those in need.

Store things that you don’t need right away or that you only use seasonally. You can also store things that you know you want to keep but don’t know exactly where you are going to put it in the new home! Did your kids move away but leave a room full of stuff? Store it so they can get it later but keep it from cluttering the new place – and save that extra room for something you can use more often like an office, guest room or workout space!

Sell things that have value but that you don’t want to take with you, often this might be furniture, appliances or decor items that just don’t suit the new space. Using a service to sell your items is one less thing for you to worry about while you move, too! You don’t want to be chasing down potential buys when the moving truck pulls up.

If there is no value to you or to anyone else, why move it? Throw it out! You are starting a new chapter in your life with your big move, start with less clutter, less garbage and a fresher, lighter perspective!

Tips For The Store It Pile

Tips For The Move It Pile

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