Ottawa Sports Teams Chat

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have been having a fantastic summer! We have had some crazy hot days this summer and it also has been an exciting summer for Ottawa based sports teams.

Ottawa Redblacks CFL

The RedBlacks are Ottawa’s new CFL team.

Ottawa now has a CFL team called the RedBlacks that will be starting to play next season in 2014! There have also been a lot of changes to the Ottawa Senators. Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Captain Alfie to the Detroit Red Wings. I know a lot of people in Ottawa are upset about this, but Alfie has done so much for the Senators and the city of Ottawa that I am sure he will always have a spot in the hearts of Ottawa fans. Unfortunately, he felt that he had a better chance at getting the Stanley Cup in Detroit. It should make for an entertaining season as Detroit is now in the same conference as Ottawa, so we will be playing them on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts when Detroit comes to Ottawa for the first time in the season!

Bobby Ryan joins the Senators

All is not lost though. On the same day we lost Alfie, we picked up an amazing replacement. We were able to pick up Bobby Ryan from Anaheim, who was the second round draft pick behind Sidney Crosby back in 2005. Since being drafted he has been a great player for Anaheim and had four seasons with 30 + goals. He could be the offensive answer the Senators were looking for last season. Ottawa has also made some other solid acquisitions in the off season (Joe Corvo is back!), and I think this year they have a great shot at winning the division, but only time will tell!

Do you think the changes to the Senators will result in an exciting season or a season of rebuilding?

Have a safe and happy summer everyone, until next time!

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