Ottawa Businesses Helping Ottawa Businesses

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a new customer for a tour here at our Walkley Road location. This new customer was a small business owner, and our tour reminded me of just how many great ancillary services Dymon Storage offers!

For starters, Dymon offers mailboxes that can be rented here for the low price of $12.99 a month. This great service allows businesses without a brick and mortar location to have a separate address. Additionally, Dymon will notify you whenever mail is received and put into your mailbox.

If you need to store secure computer discs, back up files, or some files, we also have secure storage vaults. At only $9.99 per month, these are a great way to store valuables and offer more convenient access than a safety deposit box at your bank.

Dymon also offers some great free services on the rental of a storage locker to all customers. There are private offices with WIFI and phone access should you need to get some work done while on site, and a boardroom for customers to use for presentations or meetings. The boardrooms are equipped with a teleconference phone, flat screen TV with laptop connectivity, and even free water and coffee service.

meeting room rental ottawaAdditionally, Dymon will also accept packages from couriers on your behalf. Dymon will sign for the package, place it in our holding space and then hold it until you are able to come in and retrieve it.

There have been multiple companies who have taken advantage of what Dymon offers and have grown their small businesses into successful and larger businesses. One client had started off with one large storage unit which grew to six storage units over a two year period. They used many of the free services as well, and were incredibly thankful for what Dymon was able to offer them – to the point of acknowledging their business would not have grown as fast had they had the burden of renting a large warehouse from the outset.

As an Ottawa Owned and Ottawa Proud company, Dymon is ecstatic to hear that we could help another Ottawa business grow and achieve success!

Business Growth In Ottawa In the coming months, Dymon is also planning to add more business oriented services to further enhance its offerings. Specifically, Dymon will be offering a very convenient document drop-off shredding service as well as an affordable, document storage solution for small and medium sized businesses. More information will be forthcoming on these exciting services in the coming weeks!

I hope you all have a great week, until next time!


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