Eco-friendly Initiatives

Hello All!

eco-friendly initiatives in lighting OttawaI hope you are all excited for the new week! I know everyone here at Dymon is excited, but it is for another reason entirely! Over the next couple of months new lighting systems will be installed at all of our facilities. These new lighting systems will not only help our company save money on our hydro bill, but greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

What this system does is controls the lighting on our floors so that only about 20% of the lights are on instead of all of the lights being on 24/7. Once a customer enters in their private code that is attached to their unit, it will turn all the lights on for that floor!

This will help us reduce our hydro usage by 25-35% at each facility. Once this system is installed across all facilities, it will save enough hydro to power 175 homes for a full year! This is just one of the many initiatives and business ventures Dymon Storage has in place to be ecologically responsible and focus on preserving our environment.

eco-friendly moving boxes Ottawa

DymonBoxes are plastic moving boxes that are an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

Dymon also has some other great eco-friendly initiatives. Our DymonBox service, where you can rent re-usable bins instead of using cardboard boxes for those with a green thumb (and it can be more cost effective!), is an excellent way to move. And our Dymon Power Corporation division is in the midst of installing enough solar panels on top of our buildings to power thousands of homes in the Ottawa area!

Just a couple of the many things we try and do as a company to be as eco-friendly as possible! Thanks so much for reading everyone, have a great week!

Image credit: Danilo Rizzuti


2 comments on “Eco-friendly Initiatives

  1. aussieservice
    June 6, 2013 at 8:33 AM #

    Nice post! This new lighting system is wonderful to save money and also reduce carbon footprints. Dymon storage is good for focusing and preserving the environment. It will help to store and save our environment. I will be back on your website for searching some new informative post.Thanks!

  2. aussieservice
    June 11, 2013 at 6:47 AM #

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post and it is very informative.

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