The Ottawa Senators are in the Playoffs!

spartacat GoSensGo

Go! Sens! Go!

Hello all! So our very own Ottawa Senators have made the playoffs once again this year! Back in February after Spezza and Karlsson were injured, I remember a lot of people thought the Ottawa Senator’s season was over. In fact, I even wrote a blog about it back then, because I remember how worried everyone was. Now, we still don’t have Spezza back, but Karlsson made a very speedy recovery (only gone for 2 and a half months? Not too shabby!), and is back just in time!

But let’s not forget, that the boys got to this point without Karlsson. He wasn’t the only missing player either, we had three of our top players out for the last two months (Spezza, Karlsson, and Anderson) and we still made it! That is certainly something to be proud of. The Sens have become more formidable in the last couple of weeks with the return of our starting goalie Craig Anderson and Karlsson.

The team is looking very strong going into the playoffs, beating some of the top contenders in the Eastern conference (Washington and Boston). Our first series will be against Montreal, who finished second in the Eastern Conference. This will be no picnic for the Sens.

That being said, the Sens have not only defied the odds by making the playoffs this year, but they have shown over the past two months that they have depth in their defensive game that most people never even realized was there. I can’t wait to see the series unfold because I know both teams will play their hearts out, and we are in for an amazing first round of playoffs.

Last night was a huge win for the Sens, and we have our star goalie to thank for it. Anderson made an amazing 48 saves last night to help us seal the win when our offense was not at its best and we had to kill a 5 minute penalty in the second. The game was exciting to watch and I can’t wait to watch the boys take another step towards Lord Stanley tonight!

No matter what happens (even though we all know Montreal is going down!) I know this city will stand behind their team. Have a great weekend everyone!


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