The Home Renovation Show!

Hello all! This past weekend we had the opportunity to be at the Home Renovation Show. It was a great weekend and we were glad to be out there. Unfortunately, I had other plans (It was a great weekend in Tremblant!), but if you were there you would have also got to meet the man behind our Dymon Twitter account Kevin Cancian, along with some other great members of our team.

Hopefully you had a chance to check it out! If you did you would have had a chance to check out our Tesla which we always have prominently displayed at all the shows we attend. You would have also had the chance to check out our DymonMine stand where you could have searched our DymonMine website right then and there! Click the link here to check it out right now! We had info available on all our services, including our eco-friendly DymonBox service which has been really taking off since it was launched almost 2 years ago. To get more info on that click this link and get some DymonBoxes or order some other moving supplies! When I spoke to Kevin about the event, he said there was a great turnout and that he had the chance to post some pictures from the show on our Twitter account. Go to our Twitter page and check them out! Until next time!  


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