The Ottawa Senators Are Coming Back!

Hello all! So over this weekend I could certainly hear a collective sigh of relief in Ottawa as the NHL lockout has finally ended! I was born and raised in Ottawa and this city has always been a hockey town. Just like the lockout in 2004-05, it felt like there was a huge void in the city without Senators games to watch and go to every week. To fill the void I started watching the NFL religiously (a side note: Denver is winning the Super Bowl this year 100%), but it still just was not the same. This could also be our beloved captain Alfie’s last season with the Senators. So I am personally really glad to see the lockout end and am very excited to see him back on the ice! Now, I know a lot of fans are a little upset about it all, to put it lightly. Some are vowing to not go to the first game, and some are even going as far as to say that they won’t ever watch NHL hockey again! I really hope that is not the case. The Senators and hockey in general I believe really help bring people in Ottawa together and create a sense of community in the city. It would be really sad to see people abandon that because they are bitter over the lockout. Whatever your stance is on the subject, I hope you let NHL hockey back in to your life, because Ottawa is a hockey town! I can’t wait to watch the first game and I hope you feel the same. Go Sens go!

-Conrad Switzer


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