Dymon Helps Out The Ottawa Food Bank!

Hello everyone! I hope everybody had a fantastic new year and a great holiday season! I know mine was great. I also had another opportunity to give back to the Ottawa community this holiday season.  For the past three years Dymon has allowed one of our long time drivers, Jon Rodas, to do pick ups for the Ottawa Food Bank. Not only does Dymon allow Jon to use one of the company trucks to do the pick ups, but he does it on company time and they pay him for it! I was able to help him out for one day and with the weather we have been having it was a bit hazardous! It was snowing like crazy that day and roads were very slushy so getting the food out to the truck was on more than one occasion messy to say the least.  One company we picked up donations from had over a thousand pounds of donations! Jon got a pretty bad soaker on that pick-up! Despite the weather Jon and I had a great day and we got a lot of donations! If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to Ottawa Food Bank visit their website http://ottawafoodbank.ca/ . Thank you to everyone who donated their time to the Ottawa Food Bank or any other cause this holiday season! Thanks for reading and until next time!

The Ottawa Food Bank warehouse

The Ottawa Food Bank warehouse

Unloading time!

Unloading time!

Still smiling after a long day!

Still smiling after a long day!


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