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Dymon  relaunched their site at the end of September. The re-launch included a better, quicker and anonymous sale and buying process. Our storage unit customers can place items to sell on Our DymonMine associates, located at each of our facilities, take photos of the items, help the seller with descriptions and a selling price and then place it on the website. It’s an easy process!

However, there are still questions that come up when setting up a DymonMine account or deciding to sell items. Conrad Switzer, the Assistant Manager at our South Keys location, has been taking questions on the DymonMine process for the past couple of months. In today’s blog post, we are compiling some of his questions and answers for an easy reference to If you have more questions, please check out our DymonMine FAQ page  or ask a DymonMine associate.

Question: How does the whole DymonMine thing work?

Answer: If you have an item that you would like to sell, the first step is to bring it to any one of our stores or DymonMine associates. They will assess the item, and as long as it is of sound quality and at least $100 in value, we accept it. If we accept you item, you will have to sign up for what we refer to as “Flexspace”, which is $5 a month, and allows you to store the items in one of our lockers while it is waiting to be sold. We ask you to set the price for the item, but if you need assistance pricing an item we are happy to help! We take professional photographs of the item, upload them along with a description to the DymonMine website and wait for it to be sold. Once it is sold, we take the low commission of 15% per item, we cut you a cheque and the rest goes back to you!

Question: Why do I need “Flexspace” when I already have a storage unit?

Answer: You don’t! You will only need “Flexspace” if there is no room in your existing locker. As long as there is room in your storage unit, “Flexspace” will not be needed. We just ask that we put one of our DymonMine locks on the locker and that you keep it readily accessible so that if someone comes to look at your item before they buy it, it is available.

Question: What if my item doesn’t sell on DymonMine?

Answer: If your item is not selling on DymonMine and you want to speed up the process, usually it means that the price on the item is unrealistic. What we usually suggest (and more than happy to help with), is comparing the price of your item to similar listings on our site (and other sites as well), and readjusting your selling price. Usually, a simple price drop can help your item sell in no time!

Question: Are there items that you cannot sell on DymonMine?

Answer: Almost anything can be sold on our DymonMine website, but there are a couple of exceptions:  anything illegal (should go without saying), anything severely damaged or mattresses.  We get a lot of people who ask about selling a mattress on our site, but for hygienic purposes, we will not sell mattresses on DymonMine.

DymonMine Deal of the Day

Check out our Facebook page  for our DymonMine Deals of the Day twice a week and then a recap blog post at the end of each week.


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