DymonMine Deals of the week for November 16, 2012

DymonMine Deal of the Day


Dymon  has made it easier to buy and sell items online with DymonMine.com. This service is provided to Dymon’s storage customers who want to sell items that they no longer need. You can find everything from furniture and electronics to exercise equipment to tires and even the kitchen sink! The buying and selling process is made simpler via DymonMine.com. The offers on the items up for sale are sent anonymously to the seller of the item. The seller decides if they want to have that offer and then works directly with the purchaser. There are no middlemen to haggle with. Once the item is purchased, it can be picked up at the specific Dymon location where it is located. Each week we feature two DymonMine Deals of the Day to show you the great items that you can find online.


This week’s DymonMine Deals of the Week are:

1. DymonMine features everything from tires to appliances! Are you in need of a stove? Check out this glass/ceramic top stove. The electronic stove is in great condition and has a great starting price of $250.00! The stove uses radiant heating coils and infrared halogen lamps in the oven. For purchase information see the website.

DymonMine Ceramic Top Stove





2. Are you in need of more storage in your bedroom? This brown/black IKEA 3 drawer dresser would be a great addition to any bedroom. The price is great at $60.00. See DymonMine.com for more information.


DymonMine 3 drawer dresser


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