DymonMine Deals of the Week for November 9, 2012

DymonMine Deal of the Day

You never know what type of items you will find on DymonMine. There are unusual and collectible items, antique furniture, shelving, tires and exercise available on the site. Some of the items you will not find anywhere else in the city of Ottawa. They are very unique and some very rare. Selling and buying items on DymonMine.com is quick and easy.  The perspective seller stops in to the DymonMine office at our Dymon facilities  to discuss the item that will be going on sale. The DymonMine associate will access the item and photograph it for the website. Once the price of the item is set, the information, along with the picture is loaded onto DymonMine.com. Then, the buyer waits for the item to be bought. Each week, we feature two items that are on DymonMine.com.

This week’s DymonMine Deals of the Day:

1. This “one-of-a-kind” Art Deco Marquetry dresser is quite the find. The dresser has a unique design and detailing that shows craftsmanship from a different era. This piece can be yours as is for only $250. If you put some money into for restoration of the dresser, it could be worth a lot more. For more details see the website.

DymonMine-Antique Star Burst Dresser

Art Deco Star Burst Dresser on DymonMine







2. This rare Wayne Gretzky poster set is a must have for any serious hockey fan. One of the posters shows Gretzky’s time with the NY Rangers, while the other is a college of all of Gretzky’s  teams. The posters are laminated to wood frames and are still in their original wrapping. Find out more information and pricing at the website.

DymonMine-Rare Wayne Gretzky posters

Rare Wayne Gretzky posters.


One comment on “DymonMine Deals of the Week for November 9, 2012

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