Dymon Exhibits at the National Women’s Show

National Women's Show Fall 2012-Ottawa

Today’s blog post is written by Conrad Switzer, the Assistant Manager at Dymon’s South Keys location.

Hello everyone! So this past week Dymon Self Storage  had a booth set up at the National Women’s Show at the CE Center .  I had the opportunity to work at the booth at the show; what a crazy and fun weekend! I worked the show in April as well and let me tell you, the turnout for this show was enormous in comparison! We had lots of people stopping at our booth to learn about our storage services, our DymonMine website  and our DymonBox service. We had the Tesla out once again and of course that drew a huge crowd.  The few guys that were there definitely all stopped in to check the Tesla out, but the ladies loved it as well!

We were also giving out a lot of free Dymon swag. Our free pens are always a huge hit (who doesn’t love a highlighter at the end of their pen?), but we were also giving out free referral coupons and free Dymon tote bags! People loved the referral coupons because depending on the size of locker, the coupons could get you 50 to 100 dollars off your first month’s rent!  We also had screens showing our DymonMine.com,  so people visiting our booth could surf the site for items!

I worked both Saturday and Sunday at the show and I have to say that the crowds on both of the days were a lot of fun! On both days, there were fashion shows and booths where people could get their nails and hair done, so there was no shortage of excitement! These booths were probably the most crowded of the event, for sure!  I got to meet a lot of great people at the show and got to tell a lot of people about Dymon’s services that didn’t know about it. Hopefully, if you were there I had the chance to meet you but if not, come in to the any one of our six conveniently placed locations  to learn about our outstanding storage service! Until next time!


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