DymonMine Deals of the Day-October 12, 2012

DymonMine Deal of the Day

DymonMine.com  is a one-stop shop to look for everything from cameras to couches! The easy purchasing system helps you sell your items much quicker than before! This week’s Deals of the Day were great replacement items for your home.

This week’s DymonMine Deals of the Day were:

1. This wicker couch and chair (with cushions) would look great on an outdoor patio or porch. It is durable and could even be used year round! Buy it now and be ready for next year’s outdoor season! The bidding starts at $250.00 for the set. For further purchase information see the website.

Wicker Couch Set available via DymonMine.com

Get set for next year’s outdoor season with this wicker couch & seat set!







2. Are you looking to redesign your dining room, but do not have a big budget to replace your furniture? The 6 Dining Room Chairs would be a great addition or replacement to your current dining room set. This is a great deal starting at only $180.00! Place your offer on the website.

6 Dining Room Chair Set available on DymonMine.com

Need some extra dining room chairs?


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