DymonMine Deals of the Week for October 5, 2012

DymonMine Deal of the Day

Our Deals of the Day were focused on comfort, style and affordability. We posted two great items this week on our Facebook Page . Here is more information on the two living room sets that were DymonMine Deals of the Day. Also, check out other great items from exercise equipment to carpeting on DymonMine.com.

This week’s DymonMine Deals of the Day were:

1. This living room set is perfect for the recent university graduate or someone furnishing a home for the first time. The beautiful wood living room set comes with 2 lamps, 2 rocking chairs, couch, tables and an ottoman is a great deal starting at $500! For purchase and bidding information on this instant living room set see the website.

DymonMine-Instant Living Room

Do you need living room furniture? This complete set in great condition is for you!






2. Get comfortable in this 3 seat IKEA couch with 2 end tables. This is another great starter set for someone starting off in their own apartment or home. It also would look great in a family room or at a cottage. The bid price starts at $200. See more information at the website.

DymonMine-IKEA 3 seat couch with glass end tables

Need a living room set for your family room or cottage?


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