Ottawa Food Bank

Ottawa Food Bank

Dymon is proud to support the Ottawa Food Bank. Photo courtesy of the Ottawa Food Bank.

Next Monday, is Thanksgiving Day across Canada. It is also a time of great need within our communities. One of the many great organizations that Dymon  is proud to partner with and volunteer for is the Ottawa Food Bank.  We previously wrote about how members of the Dymon staff have helped pick-up and deliver donations using the DymonBoxes and Dymon trucks over the Christmas holidays. But, what does the Ottawa Food Bank do for the community and how can you help?

The Ottawa Food Bank was founded in 1984 with a mission to collect and distribute food to member agencies serving people in need in the Ottawa area. The Ottawa Food Bank supports 140 emergency food programs that feed around 45,000 people with more than 250 tons of food distributed by this organization per month. The Ottawa Food Bank works with community food banks, food cupboards and meal programs (including drop-in services and meal delivery to clients). They also work with schools for Kick Start after 4 Club programs and Kick Start Breakfast programs. The goal of the Ottawa Food Bank is that no one goes hungry in the Ottawa area. In order to reach this goal, the Ottawa Food Bank receives donations of food, time & money from individuals, businesses and local farmers.

The Ottawa Food Bank has many drop off locations  throughout the city. They also have programs throughout the year for food drives and donations. Some of the major fund-raising events include: Lunch Money Day, Food Aid BBQ, Capital Dishes and Holiday Food Drives. In fact, the Ottawa Food Bank is coming up on the second week of a three week Thanksgiving Food Drive.   The program runs through October 14th. Fill a paper bag with non-perishable food items and personal supplies and drop them off at participating Metro, Loblaws, Independent Grocers, Wal-Mart and Superstore locations. The Ottawa Food Bank also works with corporations to gather volunteers and to help raise money. On October 12th, there is a food sort challenge to see which corporate team (made up of 10 people) can sort food the fastest!

The Ottawa Food Bank can take many non-perishable food and personal items as donations. They also accept monetary donations and recycled goods such as inkjet cartridges and old cell phones. The best food items to donate are: canned fish, canned vegetables, cereal, dry pasta, cooking oil, baby diapers and formula, macaroni & cheese, peanut butter, rice, personal hygiene products, soap and nutritious snacks. There is also a list of items that should NOT be donated: vitamins, over-the-counter medicine, home-baked goods, opened food items, personally wrapped meat, perishable items and candy.

Dymon is very proud to work with and support the goals of the Ottawa Food Bank for the past four years. Dymon encourages its staff to volunteer for local organizations and the Ottawa Food Bank has become a staff favorite.  We hope to keep working with them for many years to come! The Ottawa Food Bank is just one of the many groups that Dymon works with in our Ottawa community.


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