What Not to Store in Self Storage

Dymon Security Vault Room

Dymon offers security vaults for important documents and jewerly which shouldn’t be housed in a regular storage unit.

Self storage is a great option to store everything from seasonal items to books to appliances and furniture. Dymon  has climate and humidity controlled storage units that help protect your personal belongings from moisture and extreme weather damage. Our constant temperatures will help protect electrics to furniture while in storage. Dymon offers security vaults at all of our locations. These vaults are perfect to store jewelry, personal or business documents that should not be stored in a regular storage unit. Access to these vaults is only available during retail store hours and you can only access the vault room with a special magnetic swipe card.

There are certain items that should NEVER be stored in a self storage unit! The items listed below range from hazardous materials to living things. Please check with your individual storage facility for a list of their “not allowed” storage items.

Plants and Living Items-Do not store any type of living item in a storage unit. There have been recent stories of animals being stored in storage units. This is cruel and inhumane. The animals do not have sunlight or an oxygen source if they are placed in a storage unit. Plants will not survive in the environment inside a storage unit. There is not light and there can be extremes in temperature. Plants also attract bugs and other vermin.

Perishable Food-Do not store any type of perishable items in a storage unit. The food will spoil quicker in a storage unit, which can lead to bugs and mice infestation. Some canned items can be acceptable under certain conditions.

Flammable or combustible materials-Do not store anything that is aerosol based or in aerosol cans. These cans can burst if they become too hot or are under a lot of pressure. Gas, oil, paint, fireworks and even some everyday cleaning materials can have the potential to cause fire in the storage unit. Drain gas from stored lawn mowers, weed removers and other machinery.

Toxic, Hazardous or Illegal SubstancesDo not store fertilizer, chemicals and even some common household cleaning products in storage. They can be extremely toxic and dangerous if they burst in extreme temperatures. This would also include any medical supplies that are radioactive.

Illegal Goods-This goes without saying, do not store illegal or stolen goods in a self storage unit. Some facilities will also ban storing firearms and ammunition in a storage unit. This could also include historical and collector firearms.


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