Go Team Canada!

Canada Olympics

Go Team Canada! Photo courtesty of jontheblogcentrid.wordpress.com.

The 2012 London Olympics opened on Friday, July 27th with quite the spectacle with everything from the Queen jumping out of a helicopter to puppets of villains in children’s books to Sir Paul McCartney! Canada has a large team of athletes participating in nearly every event in the Olympics from rowing to diving to hammer throwing! Dymon Self Storage  is following and cheering on our local athletes as they compete for the gold.

There are quite a few athletes from the Ottawa area that are competing for Olympic medals in London. Some of the athletes have already been competing in their events, while others are waiting for their sporting events to start later this week and next week. Scherraine Scham, a Ottawa fencer, lost her bid for a medal yesterday. Nicholas Tritten, from Perth, lost his match in the 73 kg judo event yesterday. The 8 men rowing team finals are coming up on Wednesday. After a last place finish in the preliminary match over the weekend, the rowers came back yesterday in order to qualify for the finals. The 8 man rowing team won a gold medal in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The women’s basketball team beat Great Britain yesterday to improve their record to 1-1 in the tournament. Today, the women’s soccer team tied with Sweden during a round robin match to qualify for the quarter finals later this week.

There are still lots of events for local Ottawa area athletes coming up later this week and this weekend. The men’s double sculls rowing race with Ottawa Rowing Club member, Morgan Jarvis starts tomorrow. Table tennis, with Eugene Wang competing, and equestrian (show jumping), with Jill Henselwood and Ian Millar competing, events will be starting this weekend. The track and field events will be starting August 8th. Local athletes Oluwa Sequn Makinde and Seyi Smith will be part of the men’s 4×100 meter relay team. Melissa Bishop will be racing in the 800 meter race that same day. Sultana Frizell will be participating in the hammer throw event this Sunday as well. Melanie McCann, Canada’s pentathlete, will start her Olympics on August 12th, the last day of the games. The modern pentathlon is a grueling event with includes 5 sports: pistol shooting, fencing, 200 meter freestyle swimming, show jumping and 3 km cross-country run. All of these events happen in succession. The closing ceremonies for the Olympics are being held on Sunday, August 12th.

Team Canada won its first medal in double synchronized swimming on Sunday. Congratulations on winning the bronze to Emilie Hynens and Jennifer Abel! Toady has been a big medal day for Team Canada as many athletes have won the bronze medal in 10m synchronized diving, 81kg judo and 63kg woman’s weightlifting! Congratulations to all of the Canadian athletes!! Dymon Self Storage wishes all of Canada’s athletes success in the London Olympics! Stay tuned for more updates!


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