Dymon’s Unique Drive-In Bays

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We all know that the moving process is a hassle. If you add bad weather to your moving day, the move can go from bad to worse very quickly. The same thing can be said about moving items into a self storage facility. It is not enjoyable to move items from a truck or car in the pouring rain into an outdoor storage unit. Some self-storage facilities offer drive-in storage for RV’s or boats, but very few actually have drive-in access to the storage facility.

Each of Dymon Self Storage  facilities has unique weather protected drive-in bays. That is one of the many reasons that Dymon Self storage stands alone in the design and ease of service at their storage facilities throughout Ottawa. The drive-in bay is perfect because the weather in Ottawa is very unpredictable. The winters could be very harsh and the summers could be very warm and humid. The drive-in bays protect you and your belongings from the many variations in the weather. Dymon Self Storage offers 24/7 access to all of their storage facilities. During the day, the doors to the drive-in open automatically. However, after hours, in order to enter the facility via the drive-in bay, you must enter your personal access code . Once that code is entered into the keypad, the drive-in bay doors will open to allow admittance. Each drive-in bay has more than enough room to support the unloading of multiple trucks, cars and other vehicles. The drive-in bays are kept extremely clean and well-lit. Directly off of the drive-in bays are dedicated loading docks and a dock leveler to accommodate large trucks. Hydraulic pumps are also available to move pallets into your storage unit. Dymon Self Storage can also accept deliveries for you or your business. These deliveries will be put into a holding room until you can move them to your storage unit.

Dymon has dollies and carts available to assist you in your move. The elevators are conveniently located near the drive-in bays for easier access to your storage unit. There is even some “premium” storage units that are available directly in the drive-in bays, but these units are usually the first to get rented! The drive-in bays also have access to our retail stores where you can purchase moving and packing supplies.  The drive-in bay access is just another quality that makes Dymon Self Storage stand out amongst other self storage facilities. Stop in to any of our locations  and see how Dymon Self Storage is your best storage solution.


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