Are Your Items Safe & Secure in Storage?

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Location, security and cost are the top three factors in choosing a self storage facility. Security is very important as you want to make sure that your personal and business belongings are safe and secure in the storage unit. You also want to have a feeling of safety when you are going to and leaving your storage unit. Dymon Self Storage  has a state-of-the-art, industry leading security system to give you peace of mind that your items will be protected while they are in storage.

Dymon Self Storage allows 24/7 access to the storage units. The access is a computerized system that only allows authorized individuals into the facilities. Each storage unit customer has their own personalized code to enter into the drive-in access at Dymon Self Storage. Once inside, each individual storage unit has high security cylinder locks, which prevents tampering. Each storage unit is provided with individual alarms, motion detectors and burglar bars for added protection.

Overall, each Dymon Self Storage facility offers the best in security in the self storage industry. There are video cameras along every aisle, corridor, floor and elevator at each facility. Our storage professionals monitor this video surveillance 24/7. Dymon Self Storage also has a 24 hour command center that monitors the security at each of our locations. There is also intercom access available throughout our facilities. This allows you access to a Dymon storage professional at any time throughout the day. Brightly lit corridors, painted floors and location signage all enhance the feeling of security. If the power ever goes out, each Dymon Self Storage facility has a back-up diesel generator that will automatically kick-in to provide complete uninterrupted service.

Dymon Self Storage also offers small security vaults for important documents such as medical records, birth certificates or stock certificates. These security vaults are only open during retail store hours. The vault room is accessed via a magnetic card or via a PIN code. Each individual vault also has a security code. There are private rooms in order to view the contents of the vaults for added protection.

Dymon Self Storage realizes that you are relying on us to keep your belongings or business items secure.  Stop by any of our locations to see how our security system can give you peace of mind when using self storage.


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