Dymon is Here to Help Small or Home Business Owners!

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Conrad Switzer, the assistant manager at our Prince of Wales facility writes today’s post:

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you some of the many services that Dymon offers small and home business owners. If you are a small or home business owner, Dymon has the storage and business solution that’s right for you!  The range of services we offer small and home business owners is amazing! The storage units can be used for all business owners looking to store extra stock, store their primary stock of product or use their storage as a show room if they would like. For example, I know there are furniture providers that store with Dymon and use the storage space not only as a show room for customers, but will also use our DymonMine website to sell their products.

There are many added services that Dymon offers its business customers.  Every Dymon location is equipped with a fully equipped boardroom. If you are a currently store with us, you are allotted eight FREE hours of access a month to the boardroom! The boardrooms are equipped with a white board with markers, pens at all seats, a conference phone and a 42” television screen that can be connected to your laptop for presentations. The space is tidy and professional. We always have water and coffee available for you and your business associates and clients. We also have small private offices that are available.  The offices are equipped with a desk, a phone for your use and an Ethernet cable to connect to your laptop. We do have free WI-FI available as well. You can run your business right out of our office! We also have a scanner, printer and fax machine that we allow our customers to use as well. The other thing Dymon will do for you (did I mention these are all FREE services!?), is accept packages or skids for you. We put it in our temporary storage area and give you a call to come pick it up. We also have mailboxes to receive mail for your business. In a nutshell, with all the services we offer at all our Dymon Self Storage locations (Hotlink to: http://www.dymonselfstorage.com/locations.html), you could easily run your business from our offices! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any other business that can offer that kind of service virtually free of charge!  Dymon wants to make running your business easier for you! Stop by any of our locations in the Ottawa area to get more details. Until next time!


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