Customer Testimonials

Conrad Switzer-Dymon Self Storage

Conrad Switzer, Assistant Manager at the Prince of Wales Dymon Self Storage facility.

Conrad Switzer, Assistant Manager at our Prince of Wales facility is back with another blog post!

Hey everybody! So this week I just wanted to share with you some testimonials from some of our customers. The great thing about working here is we get to help people who are in so many different situations. Whether they are getting ready to move, in the process of moving, storing for their elderly parents or need storage for their business, we get to help people through a lot of difficult circumstances. These are just a couple of things I have been told by our customers:


– The staff here really helped me figure things out in such a complicated time. I really hate moving and it was completely stressing me out. The staff offered advice on what kind of packing supplies to use, how big of a storage space I would need while staging my home and they were even able to recommend to me a staging company! I don’t know what I would have done without the staff here at Dymon.


– I couldn’t believe the service that this place provided. It was perfect for my small business. I could safely access my unit 24/7, had access to a boardroom for my meetings, could use the private office for my personal work and the office accepts packages for me! Dymon has really allowed me to have my own space to run my business, which is really helpful when you have two kids running around the house!


– It was my first time moving homes before I walked into Dymon. From the ground up they were able to help me figure everything out. They were able to recommend a great staging company to me while I was trying to sell my home. The moving company they recommended worked with their free truck service at a reduced rate and did a great job! They were able to help guide me with what kind of moving supplies I would need and their DymonBoxes were great when I had to actually move from home to home! I have told all of my friends, if you need help at all while you’re trying to get the selling and moving process started, the staff at Dymon are the guys to ask!


As you can see, the staff here knows their stuff. If you ever need a recommendation on a staging company, moving company or what you’ll need for your move, we can help. It’s just one more added incentive to come to Dymon Self Storage when you need storage, because no matter your situation, most of us have seen it all and we can definitely provide advice. Hope to see you soon!


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