How to Store Collectible Toys, Books, Comic Books and Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records

How to you properly store vinyl records? Photo courtesy of

Collecting toys, comic books, vintage books and toys has become a very big business. Vinyl records have made a comeback with disc jockeys and independent musicians. Toys have always been a highly collectible item. But, what do you do with all of these items when you don’t have the room for them in your home anymore and you are not planning on selling them? The best option would be to store the collectibles in a self-storage unit. Dymon Self Storage  offers climate and humidity controlled storage units at all of locations to protect your collections from extreme temperatures and humidity which could damage these items. However, you must make sure that you package these items carefully when they are stored. Here are a few storage tips to keep your collectibles in pristine condition.

Toy collectors know that the value of a collectible item is tied directly to its condition. Storing toys correctly is critical to keep them in perfect condition. The most essential aspect of storing collectible toys is keeping them in their original packaging. These packaged toys are worth a lot more than toys that are opened, played with and without original packaging. When placing toys in storage, make sure that they are properly wrapped and protected from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Taking extra steps to protect the collectible toys during storage will ensure that they keep their value over time.

Buying and collecting vinyl records has become “trendy” again for music collectors. Many artists are putting out music on vinyl specifically for collecting purposes. In order to keep your vinyl record collection in the best condition, store them upright in a plastic crate or very sturdy cardboard box. Stacking albums in storage actually could cause warping and breakage. This could also damage the cover art of the album as well. If you are storing boxes of vinyl records in your storage unit, do NOT stack the boxes very high. The added weight of the boxes could crush the albums.

Comic books have been a big collector item for decades. How many people have their childhood comic book collection stored in their attic or basement? While this is a handy place to put the comic books, it actually isn’t the best place to store them. Once again, extreme temperatures can damage the paper of the comic books. The best place to store comic books is in humidity or climate controlled environment. For storage, place the comic books in polypropylene sheets with acid-free comic packing boards. For more valuable comics, use Mylar sheets for storing purposes. Most comic book stores will be able to provide you with these storage materials as well as acid free comic storage boxes. Just like vinyl albums, store the comic books straight up in the boxes and do not stack the boxes too high.

With the explosion of e-readers, collecting rare, vintage and first edition books has become extremely popular. These books must be protected from direct sunlight, extreme humidity and vermin. Storage of these items in a climate controlled environment is a must. Do NOT store books in plastic bags as this could create moisture from developing in the plastic which will in time damage the book. Store these books with the spines in the upright position in boxes to protect the binding and spines from damage.

If stored properly, your collectible toys, books, comic books and vinyl records will stay in great condition and be able to be enjoyed for years to come. Don’t run the risk of storing these items in your home or an outdoor storage unit! Dymon Self Storage has the perfect storage solution for all of your collectible items.



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