Need Packing and Moving Supplies? Dymon Self Storage can help!

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Moving to a new home, office or apartment can be a very stressful time! There is a lot of planning, organizing and packing that goes along with a move. Dymon Self Storage understands the hassle and worry of moving and wants to make your packing, moving and storing experience as stress-free as possible.

Dymon Self Storage  has a retail store full of packing and moving supplies at each of our locations.  Our retail stores are open Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm. You can also order moving and packing supplies online  We offer free delivery of the packing and moving supplies with orders of $50.00 or more. Dymon Self Storage has a variety of the most needed packing items such as 100% recycled material boxes, eco-friendly plastic boxes, packing tape, packaging material and furniture protection. Our box sizes vary from standard 1.5-6 cubic feet to wardrobe, lamp shade, chine barrel boxes and mirror boxes. Delicate to regular items should be properly packaged in boxes for their protection.  This is why Dymon Self Storage offers bubble wrap, newsprint or foam chips online or in our stores. Your furniture should also be protected during storage from dust, dirt and scratches, especially if you are stacking boxes on top of furniture. Use sofa and chair cover to protect your furniture. Plus, use moving blankets to cover larger wooden dressers and cabinets. Mattresses should also be protected from dirt, dust and mildew growth. Dymon Self Storage has a variety of sizes of mattress covers to protect your mattresses during storage. Whether you are moving in or out of a self storage unit, it is important to have the correct equipment to prevent personal injury. “Forearm Forklifts” are adjustable straps that use leverage to encourage proper lifting and make moving large pieces simple and easy. Wearing gloves during moving help protect against splinters and cuts.

Dymon Self Storage also rents eco-friendly plastic moving boxes. These boxes are strong and easy to handle with a permanently attached lid. If you are using the boxes for storage, they are also lockable. Dymon Self Storage offers bundled packages for up to 70 Dymon Boxes. The bundles include complimentary dolly, removable box labels and FREE Delivery and Pick-up! These boxes can be used over and over again as compared to regular cardboard boxes that can be used at least 2-3 times before beginning to fall apart. Dymon Self Storage also offers a FREE Truck and Driver at Move In for our new tenants.

Make your move less stressful by shopping online for moving and packing supplies or stopping into your closest Dymon Self Storage location. We are here to help you in all of your storage and moving needs.


2 comments on “Need Packing and Moving Supplies? Dymon Self Storage can help!

  1. portable storage denver
    December 17, 2012 at 4:58 PM #

    Keeping organized through a move can help reduce a lot of stress and help keep the process smooth. My brother recently did a state wide move and he made sure to have all of his belongings neatly wrapped and organized. It might take a little more time from the beginning but it will save a TON of time. Thanks for the great post and tips!

  2. removals dorset
    January 30, 2013 at 12:43 AM #

    Self storage service is good option to those individuals who are living in rented,less spaced accommodation. most importantly it provides security and safety to goods.

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