Dymon Self Storage Employees Help Out the Ottawa Food Bank

Conrad Switzer-Dymon Self Storage

Conrad Switzer, Assistant Manager at the Prince of Wales Dymon Self Storage facility.

Conrad Switzer, Assistant Manager at our Prince of Wales location is back writing today’s blog post.

Hello all! If you’ve been reading the Dymon blogs lately, I have been writing a lot about the Manotick Road Race. Dymon was gracious enough to get behind me in supporting this cause and it was great experience.

The other day, I was speaking with one of my friends from work, Jon Rodas (everyone around Dymon just calls him Rodas). He told me about the work that Dymon has been doing with The Ottawa Food Bank. Rodas told me that for two weeks during the past two Decembers, he uses a Dymon truck to help the Ottawa Food Bank to pick up food donations. This year the campaign was called the “Holiday Food Drive”. The year before he said it was called the “Drive Away Hunger” campaign. The campaign is a push from the Ottawa Food Bank during the holiday season to get as many donations as possible. Rodas said that the two weeks is quite the scramble! He couldn’t believe how many donations he was picking up. Apparently, there were a total of 430 different workplaces helping gather donations, which is 50 more businesses than the previous year! He wasn’t the only Dymon employee helping with the pick-ups. He told me that on pick-up days he got plenty of help from the other employees. Dymon Self Storage  also let the Ottawa Food Bank use our Dymonboxes to move the food from the workplaces to their warehouse. It was nice to see someone else who was as proud as I was to work for the company. He told me not only was it a great experience, but that he was proud of Dymon for letting him spend two weeks of his time picking up food for the Holiday Food Drive. This past year the Ottawa Food Bank collected 36,000 more pounds of food.  This beat last year’s record-breaking food drive for a total of 276,000 pounds of food and over $60,000!

He also told me that Dymon employees have been involved with helping the Ottawa Food Bank since 2008! The company actually received a special recognition award from the Ottawa food Bank last week for helping them over the past four years! If that isn’t dedication to helping the Ottawa community, I don’t know what is! At the end of our discussion, I asked Rodas if he’ll do it again in 2012. He assured me he would and that how could he not when it is such a good cause that seems to be getting more support every year! If you are interested in learning more about the Ottawa Food Bank and how you can help, you can get more info at http://ottawafoodbank.ca.  Thanks for reading!


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