Climate and Humidity Controlled Storage Protects Your Belongings!

When you choose a self-storage facility, you are looking for a place that will make sure that your belongings look and work the same from the time that you store the items to when you remove them from storage. If you are storing at a traditional outdoor storage facility, you need to be aware that some of your stored items might become damaged due to extreme temperatures, humidity or even vermin! If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions from either too cold or too hot temperatures, then storing your personal or business items in a climate controlled storage unit is very important. Most self storage facilities have outdoor and indoor storage. Most of these companies are now remodeling some of their indoor units to be climate controlled units. All of the storage units at Dymon Self Storage  are humidity and climate controlled in order to protect your business documents to family heirlooms. Dymon Self Storage climate control system  monitors and maintains the level of temperature and humidity to protect your belongings.

Extreme heat, cold and humidity can cause damage to everything from furniture to documents to your vinyl record collection. High humidity can cause wood furniture and wood instruments to warp, crack and split permanently damaging the items. Extremes in temperatures can damage computers and other electronic equipment, software, DVDs and CDs. For business storage, medical or pharmaceutical equipment and supplies and archived documents can be damaged from extremes in humidity and temperature.  High humidity can expedite the growth of mold and mildew on cloth and plastic items. High humidity can also accelerate the growth of rust on stored machinery and tools.  The best solution to help protect these stored items is to store them in humidity and climate controlled storage unit. The climate controlled storage units will have a temperature in the range of 13-23 Celsius.  The humidity levels are constantly monitored to not be over 45%.

Making sure that your business documents, electronics and even family heirlooms are stored in a safe and controlled environment also gives you peace of mind. Stop by any of Dymon Self Storage Ottawa locations  and see how our humidity and climate controlled storage units help to protect your belongings.


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