Manotick Road Race

Conrad Switzer wrote a recap of the Manotick Road Race. Stay tuned for photos of the event!


Hello all! This past Saturday was the Manotick Road Race and it was definitely a lot of fun. We didn’t have the greatest weather (it was cold and raining), but the turn out was great and everyone was pumped to be there! Everything we had arranged with the coordinators went extremely smooth as well. The day before the race, my company, Dymon Self Storage, was kind enough to let me leave work and help get the supplies for the race and even paid me for it! The day before the race, Danielle and I went to pick up supplies, such as blockades and pylons, from a yard owned by the city of Ottawa. We were able to fit everything into one of the Dymon cube trucks. From there, we met a couple of volunteers at the Manotick arena to unload everything. I went back to the office for the rest of the day, while the coordinators, along with all their volunteers, set everything up.

Saturday was the day of the race and it was definitely a busy one. When I got there, Danielle and Laura were extremely busy overseeing everything and I was just pumped to run. I didn’t do to shabby on the run. I ran the 5km in 33 minutes! Despite being cold and soaking wet, everyone, including myself, seemed to have a great time. The music playing from the Live 88.5 stand helped with that!  The Dymon Self Storage Tesla Roadster was also a great pace car and an awesome eye catcher! After I warmed up and dried off, it was back to our Prince of Wales location to pick up the truck again to grab all the race barricades. We loaded everything up again and brought all the race supplies to our South Keys location to store until we could return them on Monday. Danielle was really grateful because the transportation Dymon provided helped everything run like clockwork.

One of my most rewarding moments of the day came just before the run itself. A representative from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute  made a little speech right before the warm-up. She told everyone how much this meant to her and everyone at the institute. It was also just great to see so many people from the community come out and support a great cause. If you were out there, I know that Dymon and the coordinators of the Manotick Road Race really appreciate all of your support. It really is great to see people like Danielle and Laura organizing an event that is not only for a great cause, but one that helps create a sense of community. I’m just glad Dymon got involved, and let me get involved to the degree that I was.




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