Dymon Self Storage sponsoring Manotick Road Race

The Dymon Self Storage Blog will be having different contributing writers. One of these writers is Conrad Switzer, Assistant Manager at our Prince of Wales location. Today’s blog post was written by Conrad.

I’ve always been a believer in giving back to your community. That’s why, when a friend of mine, Danielle Guffie, (but everyone just calls her Guffie), told me she was helping coordinate a charity race, The Manotick Road Race,  in my hometown, I immediately wanted to get involved. The race was in the memory of a man who gave a lot back to Manotick, named Al Corace. The money raised from the race goes to the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute. I figured I would run in the Road Race or ask Guffie if there was anything I could do to volunteer for the event.  Then an idea struck me. I knew my employer, Dymon Self Storage, has supported many charities and causes, so I figured I would put an inquiry into head office to see if they could lend their support to the Road Race.  I spoke with Matt Emonts, our business development and special projects manager, and he was all for getting behind the event. Before coming to work for Dymon, I had never worked for a company that would get behind the causes I support. It definitely filled me with a sense of pride that I had never experience working with any other company. A couple of days later, Guffie, Matt and I had a meeting to discuss what Dymon would contribute to the Manotick Road Race.   In that meeting not only did I find out that the company was willing to purchase the 5km sponsorship package (which is a donation of $1500!), but we would also provide free trucks for moving their equipment and give them free storage! I was definitely surprised, and very proud to say I work for Dymon! Now I can say not am I only volunteering and running in the Manotick Road Race, but I was able to get Dymon involved as well! Guffie was ecstatic too, and thanked Matt, the owners of the company and I for making it all possible. The owners of the company really surpassed my expectations as to what kind of help I was going to get when I asked Dymon to get behind the Manotick Road Race. The race is this coming Saturday April 21st. There is a $30 fee to sign up and run. Go to http://instrideevents.com/eventsottawa/events-2/events/ to sign up and get all the information. I hope to see you there!


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