How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Optimize Your Space

Climate Controlled storage units at Dymon Self Storage

Dymon Self Storage  has the perfect storage solution for all of your storage needs! We offer a variety of storage unit sizes  to fit your personal belongs, family antiques, business documents or business inventories! We offer storage unit sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30. How can you pack and store your items to utilize all of the space that you have rented? Do you have the proper supplies to pack your items for storage? Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure that you are packing your storage unit.


1. Remember to use sturdy storage boxes to store your items. This is especially important for heavier items such as glassware, books or dishes. Dymon Self Storage offers a variety of box sizes  to fit everything from dishes to clothing to linens and electronics. You will also need other supplies, such as bubble wrap or newsprint, markers and packaging tape when you are packing your items.


2. It is very important to keep an inventory of the items that you have stored in your storage unit. Label boxes with contents of each box to make it easier to find items. Keep a running inventory of each box to keep at home and in the storage unit.


3. Make sure that boxes that you are storing are sealed with packaging tape. This prevents dirt, dust and moisture from entering the boxes and ruining your belongings.


4. The “Rule of Thumb” for weight for boxes is 30 pounds.


5. When stacking boxes in your storage unit, place like-sized boxes together. This looks neater and more organized. Place your content inventory facing out, so you can read it. Also, place the heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack with the fragile items at the top. Don’t stack the boxes too high or they could tumble over because of the weight.


6. If you are storing furniture, utilize all empty spaces for added storage. Pack fragile or collectible items in the drawers of the furniture, wrapped in bubble wrap, cloth or newsprint. Place smaller packed boxes in stored shelving units.


7. Use the empty spaces in stored appliances. Once the appliances have been properly cleaned and prepped for storage, you can place items such as blankets, pillows and even smaller appliances inside. Don’t forget to leave the refrigerator door open to prevent mildew growth.


8. Use as much vertical space in your storage unit as possible. Stack chairs on top of one another. Store couches or mattresses standing up for added space. Protect the mattresses and upholstered items with furniture covers that you can find at the Dymon Self Storage retail stores.


9. Take apart tables and bed frames for storage. Wrap the legs of these items together in bubble wrap for protection. Keep all of the nuts and bolts for the bed or table attached to the item with descriptions of how to put it back together after storage.


10. Store the items that you might need the most in the front of the storage unit. Place larger items and more “expensive” items, such as electronics,  toward the back of the storage unit. Leave a walk-way path in the storage unit to access the items in the back. Also, when you do the spring or fall cleaning of your storage unit  you can rotate the items in your storage unit for easier access to the seasonal items that you need the most.


Dymon Self Storage also offers a FREE Move-in truck and driver to assist you when you are moving into your new storage unit at one of our 6 facilities in the Ottawa area. Dymon Self Storage wants to make storage stress free! Stop in and see how we can help you in your storage needs!


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