Spring Cleaning and Self-Storage

Spring officially sprung a few weeks ago. This means that it is time for spring cleaning, renovations, organizing and de-cluttering your home and getting ready for the summer season! Spring Cleaning can encompass many projects from painting rooms, totally renovating a home to just cleaning out the extra “stuff” in a room or closet. This weekend, April 13th through April 15th, Caneast Shows, Inc. is hosting The Cottage Show    & The Big Backyard Show  at the CE Center in Ottawa. The Cottage Show will give tips and ideas to freshen up your summer cottage and getting your summer gear, such as kayaks, canoes and boats in working order for the summer season. The Big Backyard Show will provide ideas to create the perfect backyard escape.  Once you get the remodeling or reorganizing tips from this weekend’s shows, you can then start setting your goals to do your own cleaning or updating projects!

Self-Storage and reorganizing/cleaning go hand in hand! Once you have set your plan for cleaning or remodeling, now it is time to put these plans into action. If you are doing major renovations or even just doing a painting job, it is better to store your furniture in self storage during the time to prevent damage to the items. Dymon Self Storage  offers month-to-month rentals in climate and humidity controlled storage units  that will protect your furniture or personal items during your renovations and big cleaning jobs.

De-cluttering or re-organizing your home is the next step to your spring cleaning process. In order to make this task less daunting, go room by room when cleaning. Set up a sorting system with boxes for your items:

  • Items to keep in the room,
  • Items that can be donated or sold
  • Items to be thrown away

Once you have gone through the items, make sure that you pack up your stored good properly for storage. The de-cluttering process will be a liberating and you will have a “new” room and maybe make some money off of your unneeded items! Also, don’t forget to have a plan to spring clean your storage unit! Use the same sorting system that you used for your home for your storage unit! Don’t forget to sweep out the unit, replace older furniture covers and replace the protective floor covering. Spring time is also the time to store away your winter items such as snow blowers, skis, snowboard, winter clothing and holiday items. Make sure that the snow blowers have been properly prepped for storage. Pack winter clothing and coats in sturdy wardrobe boxes. Move your winter items to the back of your storage unit and bring the spring/summer items to the front for easier access.

Stop by the Dymon Self Storage booth when you are at the Cottage Show and The Big Backyard Show this weekend for more storage tips! See how Dymon Self Storage is not your typical self storage facility!  Also stop at our booth at the National Women’s Show at Ottawa Convention Centre on April 14th and 15th! Happy Spring Cleaning/Renovating!


2 comments on “Spring Cleaning and Self-Storage

  1. storage Tulsa OK
    May 10, 2012 at 3:11 AM #

    It is very important to thoroughly clean our self storage units to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. These tips that you shares in maintaining a clean storage unit are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. self storage facilities
    March 13, 2013 at 8:13 AM #

    I have read tips which you have explained in your article. These tips are very useful for reorganizing or cleaning hand in hand. Thanks for sharing this post. Self storage is the best place to store our belongings safely in the time of reorganizing the home. Thanks for making this post effective by using useful content.

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